Throughout your wedding day, you will have plenty of beautiful bride and groom shots, as well as the reportage images. However, one of my very own unique personal touches is to ask my brides and grooms to think of something – maybe a prop, or an activity, that defines your love for each other. Maybe a hobby that you share, a book you both love,  a favourite movie you can’t get enough of or a special song that puts you both on cloud nine … anything really.

Don’t worry, we will discuss this in more detail before your wedding day, but this is the fun part of my photography style. Let’s spice it up a bit and make something of this specific item, prop or scenario that represents your love and incorporate it into your photography story of the day. You will be surprised what fun results this will produce.

A typical wedding day – The below gives you a guide about how my typical itinery would flow during your wedding. Of course, every wedding is special and unique, and so this can of course be tailored to any need.

Depending on when you would like me to start, I would usually begin with the bride’s make-up preparation photos. I would come to your hotel room or house, wherever you are getting ready, and start documenting your story. If the groom is close by i.e. in another room at the hotel, I would also jump over to his suite and capture the fun of the groom and his best men getting ready. But again, this is all up to you.

Then there are two different options for the bride and groom to choose their formal shots. Some like me to take their photographs before all the family and guests arrive before the ceremony has actually started – which is called a “private reveal or first look”. This can be very intimate and personal, as the groom will see his bride for the first time that day without anyone else around, apart from me 🙂 This will mean there will be more relaxed results, as the “rush” of the day wouldn’t have started yet.

The other, more traditional, option is to take the bride and groom shots after the cermony, but before the wedding breakfast. Depending on whether there is a location change in between, this might be a bit hectic, as guests will be waiting. However, in general though, I don’t tend to take long to photograph these shots, and we can also split the group shots off and do them at a later point during the day. The choice is totally yours.

Depending on when I arrived in the morning, I would tend to stay until about an hour after the first dance. That way you will also have some of those funny party images that can be quite quirky memories, i.e. Uncle Ben and Grandma Mary dancing their pants off!
Just have a think about how you would like your day to unfold and browse my wedding photography price menu to get a better idea of what my services entail and how they are packaged up.

If you can feel the spark between us getting stronger, then don’t hesitate to contact me and we will set something up to meet. I really can’t wait to hear from you.

Your photographer and storyteller,