What To Do When It Rains On The Wedding Day

This is the second episode of my new video series. I hope you enjoy it so far. Today’s topic is “What To Do When It Rains On The Wedding Day” and this question is from John:

“This is my first year as being a wedding photographer and so far, when I’ve helped other photographers on their wedding day to gain experience or have shot a wedding for a couple of friends, the sun has always been shining, or at least it’s been dry. So, this year I’m going solo and I’m a bit terrified about having no experience about shooting in the rain or at least dealing with the rain on the day. How can I prepare?”

I thought this was a really good question, because if you live in a country that rains a lot as I do a – I’m living in the U.K. – then there’s plenty of rain to go around. The chances are, you’re going to have some rainy days. So, I would say EMBRACE it. Don’t be afraid of it. It will happen, it’s just a question of when, so be prepared. Watch the full video for all of my top tips how to prepare for rainy wedding days.

Watch full video here:

If you’re having any questions of your own or if you are currently struggling with something, please just get in touch below. Chances are that someone will have exactly the same problem/question and so it would definitely be worth creating a video for it. I’m also currently working on interviewing lots of other wedding photographers to answer YOUR questions for you. So definitely watch this space for future content coming your way!

In fact, the next video is going to be with Winston Sanders from Winston Sanders Photography. Eek!

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