What Is Essential On Your Wedding Photography Website

This is the 5th episode of my Wedding Photography Q&A video series is all about What Is Essential On Your Wedding Photography Website.

I have interviewed award-winning wedding photographer Jonathan Coates of J S Coates Photography. He will cover the most important pages that he has on his own website and why they are so important to him. He is also addressing the controversial question about showing prices on your photography website – yes or no?! Along with his interview I will showcase a few snippets from his website and his amazing work 🙂 Definitely make sure to watch to the very end of the video for some funny little outtakes – I love outtakes!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the video series so far. If you are struggling with any questions of your own regarding wedding photography, please use the form below to submit any issues, questions or challenges. I’d love to help out and maybe next time your question will be answered in a video, either by me or someone I’ll interview 😉

Here is today’s episode – enjoy!

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