My wedding photography style can be described as Natural and Storytelling, Fun and Playful, and Creative and Unique.

Let me go into a bit more detail about each of these, so you understand what I mean by them.


1) Natural and storytelling

Wedding Portfolio14161342700This basically describes the way I shoot. The main part of my photography approach is to keep it quite natural and documentary.  So I capture the moments as and when they happen throughout the day. Usually, I tend to just blend in and almost become a guest (with a big camera of course). That way the guests become familiar and relaxed with me, which will definitely show in the images and will help in telling your story of the day. Although, you will also find “posed” images among my repertoire, these will all have been captured in a rather natural way. No “say cheese” moments.




2) Fun and playful

Wedding Portfolio14160242200My only direction to you and your family or guests will be – to just have fun and be yourself! I might try to come up with a silly joke or two to get you in the mood – but you tell me how good they are though 😉 As you can see from my images I’m not necessarily a conventional photographer. I like things a bit differently, which influences my photography style. I’m a big fan of telling your story in a fun and playful way. One of my very own personal touches is to ask you as my bride and groom to think of something, maybe a prop, or an activity, that defines your love for each other. Maybe a hobby that you share, a book you both love, a favourite movie you can’t get enough of or a special song that puts you both on cloud nine … anything really. I like to try and incorporate this into your photographs. Exactly how, that is the challenge I gladly face each and every time. It’s my own way to have that creative “Umph” and be unique.


3) Creative and unique

Wedding Portfolio14191517090Each bride and groom have their own unique moments – and so should their photographs.  The images I take are individuals that do not compare to one another. Each is strong enough to be on its own to tell a small part of your story or can be included in the total set that shares your day in its complexity and individuality.
My editing style can be described as creative and very unique as well. I simply love everything vintage and shabby-chic-y, so obviously this influences my creative way and how I deal with the images after capturing those moments.



If you made it all they down here, wow, good job! 🙂 I tent to write a lot sometimes, but I think it is very important for you to know what my style is all about and as you can tell from each point, they all blend into one another, however, combined they make up my own unique look.


All these images on this page already tell the story of my style, however, there are plenty more to explore. So feel free to visit my wedding portfolio page. Similarly there is an entire section describing a typical wedding day.

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Thanks again for taking the time and interest to read through this.
Your photographer and storyteller,