Wedding on a budget? Always looking for ways to save money and create some of the decorations yourself? Well, then I have a little wedding DIY tip for you. Actual 4 tips in total. 4 ways to re-use bottles and jars from your own home for your wedding. Sounds too good to be true? Well believe it πŸ™‚

In this post I will show you 4 quick ways to re-use bottles and jars from your own kitchen or leftovers from last nights dinner party. Obvisouly there are hundreds of ways of what your can do with them. Here I will only cover 4 ways, but might create a little series of blog post of what else you can do with them… good idea actually… hmm maybe more on that later.

The following 4 ways, I’ve created myself on a sunday afternoon. I must have felt quite crafty and inspired. All of these are decorations mostly for your table settings. Some can also be used for other things though, like decorations around your house or around your wedding venue.

Whatever you can imagine. Make it yours. Be creative, feel inspired, get your girlfriends over or do it by yourself (doesn’t matter!) for a crafty afternoon and have some fun with it in the meantime πŸ™‚ If I can do it, so can you, that’s for sure!

Ok here we go!

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for Wedding


DIY Wedding Re-use Bottle Jars for Wedding


1) Use of an old brown beer bottle

Yes, you read correctly. I re-used a normal, average, good ol’ beer bottle – I think the brand was San Miguel or similar… Was a left-over bottle from my birthday party. So I thought to myself, why not make something useful out of it instead of throwing it out with the rest of them… πŸ™‚

For this, you will need the following:

  • beer bottle – or any other kind of bottle for that matter
  • chalk paint (or any paint that sticks to glass – chalk paint is great. I love chalk paint and could write an entire additional blog post on this kind of paint. For the time being however, I used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint. You can look on her website to see whether you have any shops near you that sell them, or order a can online. Believe me it is soooo worth it!!)
  • paint brush
  • sand paper
  • piece of string – any kind will do, whatever suits your heart – I used twine
  • adhesive chalkboard foil – can easily be purchased via amazon or ebay
  • glue

All of these tools, you can re-use for any other creative crafty projects. Or if you are a crafty person already, some of this you might actually already have. I did. So I just used whatever I had in the house.

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for Wedding

Short instructions:

I used two types of chalk paint – called “French Linen” and “Off White”. But you can alsoΒ  just use one colour. I used the darker one before and then applied the white over it once the first coat was dry. As I wanted to sand down a few corners, the darker colour might shine through a bit and give it the rustic, vintage look. However, as the bottle was brown, I could have just used one colour and then let the brown come through by sanding down bits and bobs away… That is what kinda happend anyways πŸ˜‰ So the next step after the paint had dried was sanding down edges of the bottle, just enough that either the undercoat or the brown bottle shined through – giving the “used” look. If the bottle has any engravings on it, then this can make it stand out even more and makes the bottle really interesting.

After that all I did was cutting out a piece of the adhesive chalkboard foil and applied it onto the bottle. As it was self-adhesive it stuck to the bottle fine. To give it a bit of a refined look, I glued a piece of string around the edges of the foil. Pretty much done. Wait for the glue to dry and boom!! – ready to use. πŸ™‚

You can now write onto the chalkboard i.e. a table number or words like “love” or table themes. Into the bottle istelf you can put flowers or other kind of decorations. Or just leave as is. Totally up to you.

And this how you turn a boring brown good ol’ beer bottle into your table setting. Neat huh?

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for Wedding


2) Turn a random Olive Jar into something beautiful

Yup and once again, you heard me. I used an empty olive jar. I have quite a few of these laying around as I simply LOVE olives and could eat them day in and day out… So this was the perfect opportunity to re-use one of the jars and turn it into a beautiful butterfly. Haha stretching it a bit here, but you get the jist πŸ˜‰

What you need:

  • jar – radom one, does not matter what kind or what shape
  • burlap fabric – you can buy it on ebayΒ – doesn’t need to be a lot…
  • fabric ribbon or anything else you would like to decorate the jar with
  • 1 button
  • (a tiny bit of twine)
  • glue

Again most of this can be used for other projects as well. i.e. you can make your own bunting with the burlap fabric πŸ™‚ Maybe another blog post to come here again…

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for Wedding

Short instructions:

First you cut a piece of burlap out. Make it larger than the jar. So if you curl it around the jar there is at least 5-10 cm overlapping on the top end of the jar and a little bit less on the bottom. Take your glue and start glueing the burlap around the jar. Bit by bit. Once dried, cut off the bit that is overlapping on the side of the jar, not those overlapping bits at top or bottom yet. Then take your glue again and start glueing in the corners on the bottom. Obviously this is a bit difficult as the jar is round, but if you use enough glue and wait for one layer to dry a bit before working in the rest, it will work. It does require a bit of fiddling. But you will get there. See image above.

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for Wedding

Once dried, take a piece of twine or any kind of string and tie the top part tight around the rim of the jar. So the burlap sticks to the rim… you can probably also do it without the string, but as I didn’t glue the bulap to the top edge of the jar (where the screw top normally goes on), I used string to tighten and secure the burlap. Then take the abundance fabric on top and cuff it around the rim of the jar…is that even correct english? πŸ˜‰ Well you know what I mean. If not, have a look at the image above. πŸ™‚ Finally you can decorate the burlap with i.e. the fabric cotton lace ribbon and a little button. Both are clued to the fabric. Done!

You can use this jar once again as table settings or simple decoration around the room. Put some flowers inside. Cute huh? I don’t want to play favourites, but I really like this one best of all the decorations. πŸ™‚

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for Wedding


3) Use of a simple IKEA Jar

These type of jars can be easily purchased at your local IKEA. This particular one only costs around Β£0.50 at Lakeside. Unbelievable cheap isn’t it? So a great alternative to purchasing expensive table decorations or hiring decorations. I’m sure most of you use these kind of jars already in some way or another in the kitchen. Maybe for storing sugar or flour. However, it does not necessarily need to be a jar like this. You can do this type of decoration with any jar really. I just used it as it was more level and as I wanted to put a cancle into it in the end. However, any jar will suffice.


  • Jar
  • Raffia ribbon (any colour you want to use)
  • Glue

That’s it. Easy peasy huh?

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for WeddingShort Instructions:

Take the raffia ribbon and glue it onto the jar. Curl it around and apply the glue sparsley. I used too much glue from time to time and had to wait until it has dried a bit and became more sticky, otherwise the ribon would always detach from the glass again and slide around in the glue as you are turning the glass in your hand. This is one of the easiest projects, however, it is also the most messy and most fun. Haha. After this you will have glue all over your fingers, that’s for sure. But I had a lot of fun. You do need a bit of patience and fiddling around with the ribbon to make it stick. But hey, that’s the beauty of these craft projects. So there you go.

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for Wedding

To give it a finishing touch, I used other colour raffia ribbon and made a little bow. Again totally up to you. In the end I put a candle inside it to give it a purpose. This can be used on the table again or just general decorations throughout your reception hall. You do not need to put a candle inside, you could also pour water and stick big flower blossoms into the jar. Just bouncing off some ideas here…

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for Wedding


4) Re-use of a CORONA beer bottle

Yup once again, I used a beer bottle. But this time a CORONA beer bottle as I really like their branding on the bottle itself. I did not want to loose the branding, so I did not colour the bottle from the outside this time, but instead I used paint on the inside.

Raw materials you will require:

  • paint – once again I used chalk paint.
  • fabric cotton lace ribbon – only if you liek to decorate the bottle with it – any other decorations suffice as well.

Again that’s it.

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for Wedding

Short instructions:

Pour the paint into the bottle by using some sort of funnel. I just made one of thick paper, worked wonderful. Does not need to be your expensive kitchen funnel – but even if you use a kitchen funnel, the chalk paint is water based so you can easily wash it under hot water. Just pour enough paint into the bottle so that you can make it flow inside when you pick up the bottle and slowly turn it around. Make the paint “crawl” around so that it covers the entire glass. Then pour the remaining paint back into the bucket. And that is it basically. Now let it dry accordingly.

I used fabric ribbon to decorate the bottle at its neck. But what kind of decoration you would like to do is comepletely up to you.

This could be used for table settings again. However, if you do put flowers in here, only use dried or fake flowers. If you pour water into the bottle, depending what kind of paint you have used, if it is a water-based colour, then it is mnore than likely that the water will make the paint go off again. So just bear this in mind.

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for Wedding

Wow, a long blog post. But I hope this was somewhat inspiring and helpful to anyone currently going through the process of either thinking about decoration ideas or actually starting to make them now. Or maybe even for those that do not plan a wedding but would like to make some decoration for the houce. I certainly will use mine around the house, that’s for sure πŸ™‚

DIY Wedding Reuse Bottle Jars for Wedding

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Until next time.

Lots of love,

Magdalena x