I only recently launched this new series of blog posts, but here is another random “This is me” story 🙂

I recently started a vintage camera collection. It first started out as a simple “I need props for my wedding stand”, but it has now grown into a full on collection and addiction 🙂

I have a few vintage wedding fairs in Essex coming up in November and in preparation for my little stand I wanted to get some vintage props. So I was looking into cameras, suitcases, old frames and so on. Then a few weeks ago I was on holiday at my parents in Germany and my mother and I went to a vintage car boot sale – well it actually wasn’t a car boot sale, but rather a permanent antique and rummage shop. Huge place with loads of things. From ceramics over to furniture, over to table cloths and so on. Amazing place! We found loads of cute things that I wanted to put in my flat for permanent decoration, however, transporting these things over to the UK would have been a nightmare, so I will need to visit some antique shops around Essex from now on more often that’s for sure.

Anyways, drifting off topic here… well in that shop they had loads of old vintage cameras. He couldn’t tell me whether they all worked or not and he wanted horrendous prices for most of these. So I only bought one – my little cute Brownie. With this my addiction started. Then I when onto eBay and watched tons of vintage camera items. In the beginning I didn’t mind if they weren’t working anymore or so, just to have them for decoration was fine with me. So you could actually find quite nice looking ones for not much money on there. That’s how I got my newest addition – the Kodak Autographic No.1 from the 1910s. Isn’t she pretty? Look at the engravings and lettering. Such an old style and so beautiful. It actually quite in a good shape and I would reckon she might actually still be working as the shutter still works. I will need to give it a try. I will keep you posted.

My best friend has actually started my vintage camera collection last year when she gave me an Ilford Sportsman, a 35mm film camera made in West Germany in the 1950s/60s. And that one definitely is still working. I have put film in and gave it ago, but haven’t gotten around to get it developed yet. Am curious though. Will do that soon and then I will share some of the images on here if they are any good that is 🙂

I even got my parents hoked now. My mom actually went back to the antique shop and bought me a “Halina A1” !! Love you mom! I don’t have it yet, but she is going to post it to me soon. Will post some pictures of that too.

Oh and my parents used to have an old fully functional Polaroid camera. They handed this down to me now as well. So here is my little tiny collection. Bear in mind the Halina is still missing 🙂 Coming to think of that a few weeks ago I only had one, the collection has started growing quickly… and so has my addiction to anything vintage…

Lots of love,

Vintage Camera Collection Brownie Love That Smile Photography

The lovely little Brownie six-20 – a cutie!

Vintage Camera Collection Polaroid 630 Love That Smile Photography

My moms old Polaroid 630 – film is ridiculously expensive though… 🙁


Vintage Camera Collection Kodak Autographic No 1 Love That Smile Photography

Oh isn’t she pretty? My Kodak Autographic No.1 from the 1910s – look at the lettering – Lovely!


Vintage Camera Collection Ilford Sportsman Love That Smile Photography

The 35mm film camera Ilford Sportsman – made in Western Germany in the 1950s/60s