“This is me” will be a series of blog posts whenever  I have something personal to tell  and to share with you. Today and as my first post for this series I will share you a story of a powerful woman I have met a few days ago and how she has inspired me.

I’m currently on holiday at home with my parents. It is my birthday week so I will spend it with my loved ones 🙂 However, even within my short vacation week, work is not afar. I’ve been commissioned by my parent’s friends to photograph the grand opening of their hairdresser’s shop – Stephi P. That’s Life. Stephi is the owner and I only met her the day before yesterday for the first time, but am already amazed by her power, her strength  and her courage to open her own shop. She has come a long way as she told me and the path has been filled with obstacles and barriers. However, she has powered through each and one of them and overcame her own fears and doubts and made it to her grand opening, Monday 2nd of September. Hearing this story and seeing her as she is chatting with her clients, friends and family as well as styling people’s hair, I’ve been very impressed by her whole personality and it has been my absolute pleasure to photograph her opening and to be part of her story of that day.

I won’t have images ready for her for another few weeks, but as she had a press article coming out this saturday she needed to have something ready in time. So on the day of the opening I made her a little compilation of some of the images I’ve been taking throughout the day and managed to finish it in time for the press feature. So I thought I share it with you here on my blog too. This was a personal project for me and was quite a lot of fun to do during my holidays.

Stephi is an inspiring woman and as I am in my first year of business myself I could relate very well to her experiences and the more inspired I’ve become. I wish Stephi all the best and judging from the amount of friends and clients who showed up on her opening day, she already is a successful self-employed business woman – and a powerful one at that.

Lots of love

Magdalena x

This is me - personal project - Stephi P. Frieur