Different to my wedding approach, your newborn photoshoot is obviously completed over a much shorter duration (one typical session would last around 2-3 hours). Also I would recommend that we do the session within the first two weeks of your baby’s birth as the baby will be easier to calm and settle down for the photoshoot. But don’t worry we can discuss these things in more detail when we meet before the shoot.

As the shots would tend to be taken in a much more relaxed manner, it would be easier for you and your family, if I would come over to your home for the session. Being in both you and your baby’s natural environment will bring out the best results. Further, I would bring along some props with me, but please feel free to dig out a favourite blanket or a flower arrangement, or something that is specific to you and your cute, little baby. We can include these into the photographs as well, especially as this will make it so much more personal. Just the smallest things, can have such an effect on your photos. So I do encourage you to think about this, but we can of course discuss this in more detail before the shoot.

If you’re planning on having other children, or other immediate family members, that you wish to be included in the photoshoot, then please feel free to ask them to join us. Having these moments of both you and your family interacting with your newborn, are the most pure and show the emotions, the joy and the love you have for each other. To bring this across, and to have your photos oozing these feelings and memories, is my mission of the day. I want you to be able to look back at the photographs and feel the warmth and love around you.

I realise that a little, tiny newborn is hard to direct and predict sometimes, so we will keep the session quite dynamic and flexible. Safety and comfort for you and your baby, is priority. That’s why I have incorporated a buffer time into our session.

So if your precious bundle of joy is not up for having their picture taken, then we have a bit of flexibility. There are also a few tips that you should follow before the session i.e. don’t feed your baby before I have arrived, as it will be much harder to settle them down by the time we are starting. I will be adding a specific list of tips to my blog  shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions, just drop me a note and I can advise on the best practices, should you have any concerns.

I really can’t wait to be part of your first few days/weeks with your little one and the journey of a lifetime that you have created. For more information about my prices, please go to Newborns – Pricing.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Your photographer and storyteller,