My newborn photography price packages are very simple and straight forward. In total, I offer 3 different packages: 1) a single newborn session, 2) baby’s first year and 3) baby’s first year + maternity session.

For much more detailed information about each of my price packages and the actual pricing, please contact me and I will send you my price brochure.

Each of my newborn photography price packages include the following:

A first telephone date – the initial consultation. This will be via the phone or skype to discuss any questions, details or just also to get to know each other better.

– DVD with all JPEGs (50+) in high resolution, without watermarks. However, when sharing online, please ensure to always tag in the photographer’s, Name, FB page and/or website.

– Editing – each image will be touched individually to make the basic adjustment of enhancing the colours, the contrast, or any other necessary fine-tuning to ensure the optimal quality for your photos. Lastly, I will apply my own unique look to all images. Baby’s skin blemishes will be retouched out. However, any additional retouching of other family members will be charged at £5 per image

– Complementary password-protected online gallery – this will only be visible to you and anybody with whom you would like to share the link and password with. That way your aunt from New Zealand can easily have a look as well.

My Newborn Photography Packages:


Single Newborn Session

One session lasts around 2-3 hours and costs £275 per session.

As your baby and your family’s interaction with him or her is much more comfortable at home, I tend to travel to your house to capture those unique once-in-a-lifetime memories of you and your precious little one. Travel costs within 20mi of Leigh-on-sea is included.

If your newborn is not quite in the mood for having his or her picture taken, I completely understand. I realise that a little tiny newborn is hard to direct and predict sometimes, so we will keep the session dynamic and flexible. Safety and comfort for your baby is priority. That’s why I have incorporated a buffer time into our session. However, any time over and above the 3 hours costs an additional £100 per hour. Usually however, 2-3 hours is plenty of time to settle the baby and to be able to capture loving and intimate moments with your baby.


Baby’s First Year

Baby’s first year is the year where he or she will change the most drastically. This packages includes 4 separate sessions, 2 hours each, spread out over the first year of your baby’s life. This ensures you have captured all of the most precious phases. Comparing all of the sessions, you will see how much your little one has grown and how he/she is already becoming this little person she already is.

The session are usually held in the following time frame:

Newborn session

After 3 months

After 6 months

After 1 year

Please ask for my price booklet for further details on this package.


Maternity Session + Baby’s First Year

This package includes the “Baby’s first year” package PLUS a maternity session prior to your baby’s birth. The maternity session will also last around 2 hours and can either be held at your home or at a location of your choice (within 20mi of Leigh-on-sea is included). With this unique package you will have captured your entire journey, from your pregnancy up to your little one’s first birthday. Memories for a lifetime!!

Please ask for my price booklet for further details on this package.

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If you have any questions, please also refer to my FAQs on my newborn photography. You will find this will answer loads of your questions.


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