Yes. I admit it. I’ve been a vintage addict for quite some time now, but I found a new addiction… Pinterest. I’m an addicted pinner and I cannot help it. I simply LOVE Pinterest. The founder of Pinterest is an absolute genius!

Right, I thought I take this opportunity to share my love for Pinterest with all of you and why I’m such an addict. Also I thought I will show you each of my moodboards and explain what you can find them.

I started using Pinterest roughly about a year ago. At first I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and why I should be using it. So I kind of just let it sit there without being active on it at all for a few months. I also had quite an old phone and was not able to get the latest Pinterest App on it and simply found using the website a bit inconvenient as I was always on the go. Then after the life-changing event of upgrading my phone (!! Truly life-changing 🙂 ), I downloaded the App and BOOM! I was addicted!! 🙂 I started using Pinterest more regularly and had all of these brilliant ideas for mood boards. It started off slowly with just one or two mood boards but rapidly grew further and further. As of today, I have a total of 18 different mood boards on Pinterest…and counting! Most are relating somewhat to the wedding industry but there are some others that I quite regularly use for my own inspirations at home. I just found the visual representation of ideas and inspirations so powerful that I simply wanted to be helpful and collate all of these for all of you.

Pinterest Profile Love That Smile Photography


The wedding related boards are mostly to inspire those who are about to get married or are just in general interested for some inspirations for their own or friend’s wedding. I’m sure I haven’t covered off all of the wedding topics just yet, but whenever I find something beautiful that fits to a new category I simply start a new board 😉

Well, here are my boards explained:


Vintage Wedding Goodness

This was one of my first boards, as you know I’m quite the vintage addict, so of course this came very natural to me to set up. It holds everything vintage wedding related, anything that is vintage beauty. That’s why the name. I love it!

Pinteres Borad Vintage Wedding Goodness Love That Smile Photography


DIY Wedding

This is quite a big one I keep adding to. I love the DIY inspirations of all the things you can create to make your own decorations for your wedding. Really beautiful and gorgeous stuff. Have a look yourself, maybe you can get inspired for something that you might have not previously considered.

Pinteres Borad DIY Wedding Love That Smile Photography


Lovely Wedding Photography

As the name states – whenever I find photographs of weddings that I find just stunning and beautiful, I add it to this board. It simply inspires me.

Pinteres Borad Lovely Wedding Photography Love That Smile Photography


Love Maternity and Newborn Photography

Similar to the Wedding Photography board, here I bin images that I find most inspiring, where I find the photography so lovely and gorgeous that I simply have to share it.

Pinteres Borad Lovelt Maternity Newborn Photography Love That Smile Photography


Vintage Wedding Cakes

I saw so many images of gorgeous cakes that I started this board to give you some inspirations. By vintage I mean the style of the cake, which might just be non-traditional.

Pinteres Borad Vintage Wedding Cake Love That Smile Photography


Alternative Wedding Cakes

As the name suggests, these are cakes that are not necessarily made of butter and eggs. These can be totally made of cheese or maybe made of pancakes. Whatever suits your taste and fantasy.

Pinteres Borad Alternative Wedding Cake Love That Smile Photography


Photo Booth Fun

If you are thinking of adding a Photo Booth or at least dedicate a small corner within your reception area for a photo booth fun type set-up, then here are some ideas of backgrounds that could look amazing in your imagery. I offer this type of photography within my wedding packages as an option to choose. I will set up wherever you have dedicate space to do it, you deliver the back drop and I add some props to the mix  – and off we go to have some fun!

Pinteres Borad Photo Booth Ideas Love That Smile Photography


Fun Group Shots

I started this board as I really like group shots that are a bit different. This just gives some inspirations to other photographers alike or also to you, brides and grooms out there. Get some ideas and discuss these with your photographer and create some amazing and fun group shots. Of course, I’m sure he/she will also do one stanrd, traditional group shot but maybe after that mix it up a bit and create some fun memories.

Pinteres Borad Fun Group Shots Love That Smile Photography


Wedding Thank You’s

This is a fun board as well as the Guestbook board. Here you can find some ideas of some alternative wedding Thank you cards. Or just general cool inspirations that might help you decide what you would like to do for your wedding guests.

Pinteres Borad Wedding Thank Yous Love That Smile Photography


Wedding Guestbook Ideas

This is the also a really fun board. Have a look through. There are some amazing ideas of what can be done to make a very personalised Guestbook. I only recently added a guestbook option to my wedding photography package. You can have an engagement shoot and then turn this into a guestbook with your imager. So i.e. one image on one page and people write their best wishes around it on each page. To make this even more personal you could add chalkboard messages to your engagement shoot. So when the guests look at the guestbook, they can see your personal message to them. Endless possibilities.

Pinteres Borad Wedding Guest Book Ideas Love That Smile Photography


Engagement Session Ideas

Again as the name states – part of my wedding package, I also offer engagement sessions. These will be held somewhere outside a few months prior to the actual wedding. This board simply shows some images to trigger some more ideas. Just let your creativity flow and we can discuss everything when we come to do your shoot. I’m always open to try new things!

Pinteres Borad Engagement Session Ideas Love That Smile Photography


Wedding Organisation and Planning

This board is has not been populated as much yet. Simply because wedding organisation is not something particular visual, so it is a bit difficult to pin andy images to this. But there are a few, so have a look.

Pinteres Borad Wedding Planning Love That Smile Photography


Wedding Fair Stand Inspirations

As I’m attending quite a few vintage wedding fairs throughout the year (next ones are in Colchester on Feb 16th and Standford-le-hope on March 2nd, if you need more details, please contact me). This board gathered some of my initial inspirations on how to decorate my own stand. Here is what my own stand looks like in the end. It captures the vintage feel I’m going for, doesn’t it?

Pinteres Borad Wedding Fair Stand Inspirations Love That Smile Photography


My own stuff 😉

As the title suggests this is my own stuff – my own photography. So in here you will find some of my highlights of my own photography.

Pinteres Borad My own Photography Love That Smile Photography


Inspiring and lovely Quotes

This is one of my favourite things in Pinterest. I love inspiring quotes. They can be so uplfting and strength giving, so I simply had to create a board just for that 🙂 I love them and hope you will too.

Pinteres Borad Inspiring Lovely Quotes Love That Smile Photography


General DIY Inspirations

This board is not specific to weddings, newborns or any type of industry but rather gives inspirations of what you can do yourself around the house for example without much money. Just some tin cans or jars or similar. Some amazing stuff there. I’ve done a few of these already and will def organise my study with some of the tricks.

Pinteres Borad General DIY Inspirations Love That Smile Photography


Photography Project Ideas

This is a more personal board for me. I collect projects or images that inspire me to venture off and try some new stuff. Get the creative juices into gear (pun unintended) and experiment. 🙂 If I ever get to try out some of these projects, I will share images on my blog, for sure. So watch this space.

Pinteres Borad Photography Project Ideas Love That Smile Photography


Flat and House Decor Inspirations

Last but not least, in this board you will find some inspirations for your house or flat decor. Haven’t pinned much to it yet though… will need to populate it more. I’m currently still working on my flat decorations and desperately need to redecorate some of the rooms. So I recently started this board to gather some ideas 🙂

Pinteres Borad Flat House Decor Inspiration Love That Smile Photography


Well, there you have it. I will regularly update the boards… I go into pinterest at least once a day now (told you, am an addict now ;)), so be certain there will be more pins to come in each of the boards or new boards might even be created… If you have any ideas for additional boards, leave a comment below. Would love to hear your thoughts and I’ll make sure to add them to my Pinterest profile.

Have a beautiful day!

Lots of love,

Magdalena x