How to create a wedding photography portfolio

Today I’m starting a new video series to celebrate the new year. Yay! The Wedding Photography Q&A Video Series!

For a couple of years now, I had this idea in my head to create a video series that would help aspiring wedding photographers all over the world to reach their creative potential, help them to develop a striving wedding photography business and answer any questions about challenges they might be facing. So this Wedding Photography Q&A Video Series is designed for YOU!

A few weeks ago, I’ve done a bit of a shout out on social media and I’ve asked you to send me any questions that you might have regarding wedding photography. So, we’re starting off this video series with my very first question that I’ve received from Jennifer: “How to create a wedding portfolio when you’re just starting out.”

In the video I will explain my top 5 key tips on expanding on your portfolio. These will cover things like being a second shooter, shooting weddings for friends & family members or even organising a styled shoot, and a couple more. So definitely make sure to watch the video and take some note.

I do apologise for some of my ramblings in advance. 🙂 However, I really hope that you like these type of videos and that they might help you in your  aspirations for your own wedding photography business.

Watch the full video here:

If you’re having any questions of your own or if you are currently struggling with something, please just get in touch below. Chances are that someone will have exactly the same problem/question and so it would definitely be worth creating a video for it. I’m also currently working on interviewing lots of other wedding photographers to answer YOUR questions for you. So definitely watch this space for future content coming your way!

Such exciting times ahead! Eek!

Thanks again for watching.

Lots of love,


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