How much time to allow for wedding portraits

Today’s question came from Chris and he is wondering how much time to allow for wedding portraits? I thought this was a brilliant question, because when you are just starting out, you might not know how much time to ask for or even how much time you can ask for. It all really depends on your style and your couple.

I normally prepare my couples by asking them to allow at least 1.5hrs from the end of the ceremony to the wedding breakfast. This will give you enough time to let the couple mingle a bit, then do the group shots (30min max) and then in the end do some portraits of around 30min. I tend to allow for at least 30min for the portraits. It is not much, but normally I can get most of the wedding portraits done in that amount of time. If I can get away with more time, then I happily take it though 😉

It all depends what your style is though and how you approach weddings. If you are a purely documentary wedding photographer who doesn’t do portraits then this question obviously is nothing you need to worry about. But if you are doing portraits, I hope that my little video will help you with that.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the video series so far. If you are struggling with any questions of your own regarding wedding photography, please use the form below to submit any issues, questions or challenges. I’d love to help out and maybe next time your question will be answered in a video, either by me or someone I’ll interview 😉

Here is today’s episode – enjoy!

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