Wedding Planing Tips - How to find your Perfect Wedding Photographer


Wow this is the last part of this mini-guide in helping you to find your perfect wedding photographer. We’ve covered quite a lot of ground already so far. So let’s get down to business in this last sections and cover the all-important budget discussion. So let’s dive right into it.


Step 5:

Let’s talk money


If you liked what you saw, read and heard about the photographer so far, then let’s talk money. Obviously considering your budget is a very important aspect. Most likely, you will have had a peek at prices already in your initial search for a local photographer, just to make sure he/she is within your price bracket. There are definitely many talented photographers out there and I’m sure you will be able to find one that suits your budget as well.

The reason, why I have included this point among the last few steps instead of the first ones, is that I’m a strong believer that not everything should be decided solely on the grounds of money. As important the budgetary decision  is, I think it is best to first narrow your choices down via what your preferences are in terms of style and how you “click” with a photographer and then in a second step you can consider prices. Photography is a bit tricky, there are many very cheap photographers out there, but then again the quality of imagery might suffer in the meantime. I’m not saying that price is the sole indication of quality, oh no, not at all – but sometimes the saying of you get what you pay for can be true. I will leave it at that. So all I want you to think about is that price isn’t everything and you should factor in all of the aspect into your decision-making – quality of imagery, style, personality and of course, price.


While meeting with your potential wedding photographer, obviously you should ask him/her about his or her price packages. Packages may highly vary between photographers, so it is very important to really get into the nitty gritty of them and make sure you understand what the differences are between each package and what is included.


How long will he/she be covering the day? This could vary between 6 to 12 hours. Ideally he/she should start at your wedding preparation and continue up to your first dance, if not even longer.


How many images are included in the price package? What resolution?


Also think about engagement shoot or wedding album options, how much do these costs, are they included or extra? And so on.


A little side note here:

I highly recommend you having an engagement shoot even if it is not included in the price package. It is a great way to become more familiar with the photographer of your choice prior to the big day and let’s face it, this will be a nice excuse to schmooze with your other half while you get to take lovely images home in the end. 🙂 At least something to consider.


Lastly, you should also discuss your rights. Most photographers will keep their copyright for each of the images, which is normal, however, some might also state that you can only print with them. This used to be very common in the older days when everything was on film. Nowadays with digital the expectations are different. However, it is still very important to talk about this with your photographer and get into the details of what is and isn’t included. Some might let you purchase the high resolution images and then you can print them anywhere you like.

Another very common point among photographers is that you will only be able to share your images in low resolution in a watermarked or branded state. This is understandable from a photographer’s point-of-view as it is his or her body of work, he/she would like to protect. Again this varies however, so you should discuss your rights and compare them with what you have found with other interviewed photographers. And I’m sure every photographer is willing to at least discuss these terms if not even negotiate any of them should you find something unacceptable. If you don’t ask and discuss your expectations with your photographer of choice, you might regret it in the end and end up resenting the photographer’s work, even though he or she has done a good job. Just talk openly and don’t be shy. We don’t bite 🙂



Step 6:

Make a decision


Wow, now that you know everything about each photographer on your list, we’ve come to make a decision. If you have followed step 1 to 5 you should have a very good idea of what you want from your imagery, what you can expect from the chosen shutterbug and who your wedding photographer should be.

So, well done you!

If you still can’t decide, I would go back to step one and truly narrow down what you want. It will guide you in finding the perfect match for you. I’m sure of it.


Once you made the decision, you’re one step closer to finalising your wedding plans! Hats off to you for making such a touch decision – now you can look forward to the photographs and the cherished moments that will be captured forever!

I hope this little mini-guide has helped you in finding your perfect wedding photographer or at the very least, it gave you some tips and nuggets to consider and think about.


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