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Best of 2014 – What an incredible year it’s been!

  Wowser! What an incredible year it has been! 2014 was such an awesome year for me personally and professionally. I couldn't have asked for any more awesome clients nor any better moments to be part of. I've seen some amazing venues and places as well as had the absolute pleasure of capturing the first [...]

Standford-Le-Hope, Essex – Newborn Photography – Little Zachary

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the 7 days old little Zachary and his family in Standford-Le-Hope in Essex. I had a lot of fun playing with little Jack, Sarah-Jane & James' other little boy. He showed me all of his amazing toys, then had a bit of cuddle time [...]

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Sneak Peek of little Miss Henrietta – my first Newborn Photography client in 2014

I couldn't wait to share this one with you. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting my first newborn photography client in 2014 as of Saturday morning. Miss Henrietta Rose. Her parents call her Hetty. Isn't she just the cutest? I had a lot of fun with this family. Not only did I get to [...]

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Emma’s Christening Day – How she would tell the story – Berlin, May 2013

When mommy dressed me today, she put some very special clothes on me. I’ve never worn these before. They were all white. I even had a hairband on… I did not necessarily care for this hairband, but mommy kept putting it on my head, so I guess it was something special she wanted me to [...]

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A Small Sneak Peak of a Small Person – the Christening of Emma

Hi everyone,   Hope you are having a splendid week and enjoying whatever you are doing, wherever you are in the world. :) I thought it was time for another little sneak peak of my recent photoshoot. I've been invited to photograph the christening for my friend’s baby. Her name is Emma and she has [...]

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The Baby Bump – Maternity Photography – Best-of Slideshow

Again a post from my old blog website that demonstrates a recent work piece from earlier this year. Obviously this is before baby Samuel was born. Even though this is not Newborn Photography - yet - I still love the look and feel of this as it shows the love and emotions of the family [...]

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Welcome to the world – Baby Samuel!

Hello my lovely readers,   this is a blog post that I have posted earlier this year on my old blog site The Photographer Inside, but I thought I repost it now on my new site, as it is still very much relevant to my recent work. So please go ahead and have a look [...]

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