What is a good booking process?

This is episode number 4 of my wedding photography Q&A video series answering the question “What is a good booking process?”. 

Today’s question came from Claire “A couple of weeks ago I had my first meeting with a couple. They have now decided to go with me as their photographer. What should I do now? What is a good booking process and what comes next?”

What a brilliant question! So in this episode I’m going to show you 6 steps to go from booking the client up to the wedding. We’ll explore how the couple can digitally book you, what details you need in your booking form and all the steps afterwards from sending the invoice to what kind of booking fee to take and much more. 

I hope I can help you with this little insight about how I work with my clients.


If you’re having any questions of your own or if you are currently struggling with something, please just get in touch below. Chances are that someone will have exactly the same problem/question and so it would definitely be worth creating a video for it. I’m also currently working on interviewing lots of other wedding photographers to answer YOUR questions for you. So definitely watch this space for future content coming your way! Eek!

Thanks again for watching.

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