A few weeks ago my friend Kat and I had the pleasure of participating in this amazing “Make your own bohemian flower crown” workshop by the wonderful Joanna from Death & Glory. The workshop was hosted by the lovely Karen at the Rock the Frock Bridal Boutique in Battlesbridge.

I’ve never made a bohemian flower crown before, so I was actually quite excited to create one. Just imagine, you can make your own flower crown and then be using it maybe at your own wedding if you are after a bohemian style wedding – or just doing it for fun.

Either way it was an awesome way to spend one Saturday morning amongst lovely ladies (& one gentleman) creating these.

Flowers for Bohemian Flower Crown

All you need is literally just a bit of wire, garden tape, lots of flowers and simply your imagination – and the word is your oyster.

Regarding the flowers it is recommended to have a few “main” flowers i.e. the roses here, and then lots of “fill” flowers.


Bohemian Flower Crown


You start off by taking a large piece of thick wire and bend it around your head to get the measurements of your head. Best to make it a bit too big than too small, as you can twist it inverts afterwards if it is too large.

Then think about what style you would like to create and take a small bunch of flowers and tape them into a small bundle. Try to keep the bundles small and not too bulky as otherwise you will end up with a massive headpiece… a bit like mine, see images below 😉

Bohemian Flower Crown

Then attach the small bundle onto the crown wire via another wire  string (thinner than the crown wire). Just twist it around a couple of times, but then don’t cut it off. Leave it for the next few bundles. In order to get the flowers to stick a bit tighter to the crown wire and also in order to avoid any injuries later on on your head, always use the garden tape and tape over the bit your have just wired. Then make another small bundle and attach it in the same way to the crown but slightly to the left or right of the previous bundle. So that it covers the garden tape from before. That way you will make your way bit by bit around the crown.

Bohemian Flower Crown

Bohemian Flower Crown

There a different ways of going around the crown. You can either go half way and then do the second half the other way around so that your front bit has all two streaks of flowers looking forward. Or you simply go around one way and tuck the last bundle’s stems underneath the first bundle’s flower heads. Or you only make the crown half way, like we did for ours below.


There you have it. Quite easy, but a lot of fun and while doing it, you can have doughnuts…mmh yum!

Bohemian Flower Crown

So go on, invite your girlfriends over one night, pour yourselves some bubbly and get creative!

Thanks again to the lovely ladies for holding this workshop! It was a blast. Here are a few photos of our creations and creators 😉



Magdalena x


PS: If you are interested in attending one of Joanna’s workshops yourself, the next one is held at Karen’s boutique on May 18th, 2014 – check out the facebook event and get intouch. I think there are still a few spaces available.


Bohemian Flower CrownBohemian Flower CrownBohemian Flower CrownBohemian Flower CrownBohemian Flower CrownBohemian Flower CrownBohemian Flower CrownBohemian Flower CrownBohemian Flower Crown

Bohemian Flower CrownBohemian Flower CrownBohemian Flower CrownBohemian Flower Crown

Bohemian Flower Crown

And here is the entire gang 🙂