My name is Magdalena and I’m a creative wedding and newborn photographer in Essex. Wow, that sounds a bit generic and too broad, don’t you think?


So, who am I? What makes me me – if you know what I mean?


Selfies_Nov14_Colour_LR_01Well, first and foremost, I love being a photographer. It makes me happy. I get to live and love out loud my creativity and my passion.

My artistic streaks have always followed me throughout my entire life, but it hasn’t been until recently that they simply overtook me and my life by storm.

Photography gives me the means to express myself, to feel inspired and hopefully be an inspiration to others – by sharing my passion with the people around me, by helping fellow photographers to pursue their dreams and by capturing joyful memories for my clients.

The power of photography and the kind of emotions a photo can trigger in people has always been fascinating to me. It can make you laugh, it can make you cry, or both at the same time.

My mission as a wedding and newborn photographer is to create those kind of emotions – maybe a laugh, a smile or even a tear of joy. If I can accomplish this with you as my client, then that would make me very happy.


Although I’m from Germany originally, I moved to the UK a few years back for a job in marketing and whilst working here in the UK, I fell in love with the country, the people and this small town in Essex, called Leigh-on-sea.

“Leigh” with the sea close by, with its small cafes and with its lovely boutiques gives me the feeling to really be at home. If life gets a bit busy and hectic sometimes, I simply love to stroll along the sea-front to clear my head – just to be able to breathe and reboot.


As much as photography is my life and my passion, it is only a part of who I am.


So here are some other fun facts about me:

Magdalena Mahdy at zoo

I’m an Animal, a Drinker, a Freak, an Explorer, a Lover, a Dreamer, a Child and an Addict. But at the end of the day, what can I say – I’m just me! 🙂

ANIMAL – I just love animals. Every year I have to visit the zoo at least once. So I consider myself a ZOO ANIMAL. Last time was on my 30th birthday last year, when my Dad came over from Germany and I dragged him to Colchester Zoo – haha. Thanks Dad!


DRINKER – I’m a COFFEE DRINKER. I love coffee. I know I live in a tea-drinking country now, but you won’t get the coffee drinking genes out of me, I’m afraid.


Magdalena Mahdy and the ponyFREAK – yup, I’m a big freak – a TRAVEL FREAK to be exact. I love to travel and explore the world. I’ve just recently been in Shanghai for a few days, which was a great experience as it was my first trip to Asia. Next up on my list is backpacking through India, though. I hope to be able to tick that one off my list sooner rather than later, as it’s been on there way too long already.


EXPLORER – I call myself an EXPLORER only because I have explored a fair few countries and cultures already. And by exploring I don’t mean just traveling. No, I actually lived, for more than 4 months at a time, in each of these places. When I started to write this section, I counted the times I have actually moved houses, moved cities and moved countries – I’m a bit speechless. I never realised… I have lived in 14 different homes, in 8 different cities, in 5 different countries, and across 2 continents. Not bad for 30 years, don’t you think?!



LOVER – this is a rather odd one. I’m a WASABI PEA LOVER. Can’t help it, but I could consume these peas every single day 🙂Magdalena Mahdy_Carneval


DREAMER – I am a bit of a dreamer – in a good way. Dreaming is very important to me. Without dreaming, I don’t have a vision. And without a vision, I have no direction in life. Dream big! The bigger the dreams the better. So I call myself a dreamer in every sense of the word. Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter, once said:

“Feet, why do I need them if I have wings to fly?”

So, this is my mantra. Being a grounded person all of my life myself, I have realised there needs to be a balance between dreaming and being grounded, or in other words a balance between your heart and your mind. Here is another inspirational quote by Kelsey Dunn:

“Someone with their feet planted firmly on the ground has no hope of reaching the stars.”

So start listening to your heart, peeps, and dream BIG!

Magdalena Mahdy as princess

CHILD – I love children and I do still think I’m a big child myself sometimes…but I consider that a strength… 🙂


ADDICT – I’m a VINTAGE ADDICT and anything shabby chic-y. Leigh is perfect for that. When I first moved here, I started to collect little cute things, or bought old second hand furniture and refurbished them myself. There are quite a few pieces around my house that I have finished off myself. I think this has influenced me and my photography as well, even down to my website design – this is so me! 🙂



Magdalena Mahdy at her 8th birthdayRight, there you have it. All of these things combined, including my love for photography, that’s what I’m all about.


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If you have any questions, or would like to get that first date booked into our diaries to get to know each other, just drop me a line here and say hello. This will be the perfect occasion for us to meet and become friends 🙂


Your photographer and storyteller,