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Are you pregnant and considering of having a photoshoot for your newborn baby? But you don’t quite know what is required or how to prepare? Well, then have a read below. 🙂


Deciding on newborn photography and having a photo session should be a fun and memorable experience. Obviously a little newborn can be quite unpredictable sometimes, but by anticipating some of these possible hick-ups, we will be much more prepared and can accommodate your baby’s needs. That’s why I put together this following guideline of 8 simple tips that can help us in making this a stress-free, fun photoshoot. Having pictures of these first few days of your child’s life are memories for a lifetime.



Tip #1 – First 10 to 14 days

In general, it is best to have the photoshoot within the first 10 to 14 days. Because within that period of the newborn baby’s life, it still has that so-called “baby curl”, which makes it easy to mould it into the right positions as it is already quite “curled-up” naturally. After 14 days, the curl starts to decrease as the baby grows and stretches out more.


Tip #2 – Beware of feeding times

Please do not feed the newborn until we are ready to start the shoot. This is quite crucial. Please hold off feeding it until I have arrived and we are all set up. Within those first 2 weeks of its life, the baby still falls into a “feeding coma” after having been nursed and we want to take full advantage of this during the shoot. 🙂 So my recommendation is to keep the baby as active as possible before we start, so that it is getting tired naturally and falls asleep easily once settled down. When we are all set and ready to go, you can go ahead feed it and by then it should be falling asleep moments after. This is the most effective time for the shoot as we can get your little one into the right position very easy without it waking up.


Tip #3 – Hot hot hot!

It is best to keep the room we will have the shoot in as warm as possible. A temperature that is almost unbearable for adults is about right for your baby. This will help to keep it cozy, and comfortably and therefore it might sleep longer. You can see now where I’m getting at with these tips, don’t you?! We have to ensure everything to keep your child asleep. 🙂 Well, in addition to the sleep-enhancements, it is also beneficial to have it very warm in the room because we will most probably undress the baby at some point to shoot in bare skin. So a room that is not warm enough will wake your little one up. I would, if I was freezing 😉

But don’t worry, if you do not have any ways to heat the room to that temperature, I will bring a small portable heater along with me as well.


Tip #4 – Baby’s schedule

The time of the day for the shoot, can make or break it as well. Some babies are more active in the mornings and sleepy in the afternoon, other babies are the other way around. And again with others it might not matter. Best is to find your rhythm with the new member of your family and then we can schedule the shoot around that on the pre-booked day, if possible. Usually, however, the mornings will work best.


Tip #5 – “Easy” baby clothes

Clothes do already matter at this age… well, or at least for the time of the shoot that is 🙂 Dress your little one in comfortable but easy-to-take off-and-put-on-again clothes. We want to be able to either easily change clothing, so that you have different types of images, or we easily undress it for the shots in bare skin. As disturbing its sleep as little as possible is quite important, using clothes that are relatively easy to take off/put on without it waking up are beneficial.


Tip #6 – Who to play with?

This is an important tip. Not so much for your newborn, but rather for yourself. Consider who you would like to have in the photographs along with your baby. Some parents have concerns about being part of the images, as they are worried about possible baby weight, marks or skin problems. But I do would like to encourage you to think about this again. As a newborn parent looking back at this moment in time, these images should be capturing the unique moment and memories you are having with your baby. You might regret it later not being part of those photographs.

There are always potential ways around any issues you might have. We can discuss retouching possibilities as well as dressing opportunities. Another point to consider are the close-ups. Most likely we will be taking some close-up shots of the hands and the feet with you holding your precious one. Hence it might be nice for yourself if you have your nails done before the shoot or at least make them pretty and give it a nice colour. Make-up and hairstyle wise, I would suggest to keep it natural. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Believe me it will show in the photographs – and you will be surprised what results this can produce 🙂


Tip #7 – Accessories

Another important point, again not so much for your baby, but for yourself, is to have a think about accessories/props that you might want to include. Maybe you have a toy that was handed down for generations or any other item with sentimental value. Whatever it may be, just have a think about it. I want you to have images that have captured the essence of you, your family and the love for one another and a prop like that might just make it that much more special.


Tip #8 Most importantly: Have fun!

Last, but definitely not the least, this is the most important tip of it all – no stress, just relax and have fun! You should enjoy this shoot along with your precious one. A stressful environment can also mean stress for the baby. So, no worries. We have plenty of time and you should simply enjoy yourself! Let me worry about the rest 🙂


So there you have it. These are my 8 simple tips on how to prepare for a newborn photoshoot. I hope I was able to calm your nerves, answer any open questions or just in general convince you of having a photoshoot with you and your newborn. Even if you decide to go with another photographer, I still would like to encourage you to have a photoshoot and keep these tips in mind.


If you are interested on how I work with my newborn parents, please have a read through my “Newborn section” on my website. I designated an entire page around your session for more information.


Have a beautiful day!

Magdalena x