Wedding Photography Q&A Video Series

When I was first starting out with wedding photography, I had a tons of questions in my head and didn’t quite know where to begin with it all.  However, at the time no one was talking most of the questions I used to have – competitive edge and all that shit. Ups, yes I sad shit. But you know what, I don’t believe in competition at all, so for a couple of years I had this idea to create a Wedding Photography Q&A Video Series that would help aspiring wedding photographers all over the world to reach their creative potential, help them to develop a striving business and answer any questions about challenges they might be facing. So this Wedding Photography Q&A Video Series is designed for YOU!

Simply submit your questions below and I do my very best to answer them all with a little video. But to keep it interesting and not just seeing me talking all the time – who wants to see just that, right? I’ve had the idea of getting other wedding photographers in front of the camera answering YOUR questions as well.

So if you have any issues and challenges that you are currently facing – hit me up! I’d love to hear from you and hopefully help you along the way.

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If you have any Wedding Photography related questions – something that you are currently struggling with or just a general question – please fill-out the form below and hit “Submit”. I will do my best to either answer your question directly, or make a little video about it. I might even get another photographer to answer your question 😉 So definitely watch this space!

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